Room Ideas

Idea Options Advantages Additional options
Pantry Lighting LED Strip install under shelves, Ceiling installed downlights See all your goods and produce in clear and efficient lighting Sensors or open door switches
Sensors for lighting Put a sensor in your pantry, larder or hallways No more switches needed just walk in and the lights will come on for you LED down lights or under bench/ Shelve LED strip
LED Strip Light up your shelves, benches or cupboards with discreetly install LED Strip Give a glowing effect to your kitchen Timer controls, tie into existing switching or add a new switch, remote control
USB Charging

power points

Double power points with 2X USB outlets,

Stand-alone USB charging outlets

Never need to find your charger again, just plug Add an extra power point with a USB point replace existing
3 in 1 bathroom lights Change out your existing light with a Heat, fan and light unit Warm up your bathroom with heat and get rid of moisture with a powerful exhaust fan Install a remote for those rooms with no access for cables
Under floor heating In Slab, in screet or undertile options available Warm floors under foot and dryer wet areas Timer controls to let you set and forget
In Drawer power points Power points in drawers, from power boards to curly cords with soft wiring Reduce your counter top clutter and have the essentials plugged in out of sight Add extra points to existing power point locations
Back Lit mirrors One of designed or store bought installations Have the Celebrity lighting and mirror look at home Custom built mirrors and additional switches
Defrosting mirrors Mirrors with heating coils to remove the fogged up effect No more fogged up mirrors and streaks from constant wiping Replace your existing mirror with heating backed mirror
Heated Towel rails Dry and warm towels Have a warm and dry towel every morning Timer can be attached to let you set and forget
LED Downlight New, additional or replacement  LED downlights Energy efficient and no maintenance LED Downlights Add in new lights or change your layout to best match your space
Outdoor Lighting Flood lights, path lights or entertaining area lighting Light up your outdoor area to best fit the function and style you are after Add new lights, replace old or redesign the whole area
External security lighting Sensors and flood lighting to best light your area Feel safer knowing that your property will light up when anyone enters Range of size flood lights and sensor options
Garden Low voltage lighting Light up Trees, plants, retaining walls or water features Outdoor lighting of areas to give the best effect for your outdoor space Options from submersible to spike lights to in path lighting
Ceiling Fans indoor or outdoor Indoors fans in any room and outdoor fans under pergolas Summer is coming and a ceiling fan will make those nights cooler Remote controls are available for most models
Shed wiring and lighting Shed, car ports, man caves or garden sheds Lights, power, networking and AV wiring, let your imagination go and make the best use for your space Various lighting options and SUB boards can be installed to separate your shed
Home network wiring Connect your TV, AV and everything in between Increase speeds with cabling over WIFI or add a WIFI repeater cabled from your modem Make your house a smart house with networking of your devices
TV points and Antenna installation Add new TV points, change or install an Antenna Get the best Digital signal in your area for your TV Booster to power up your signal, Splitters to send your signal around the house
TV mounts Put your TV up on the wall with flat brackets or with swing arm bracket No more tv stands and position your tv the best position with a TV mount Swing arm brackets to move your TV, hide cables with wiring enclosures or putting them in the wal


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